Lori Radford is  a native of the Ozarks. Her journey into the counseling field came by way of the arts.  Through her multi-model counseling practice she has combined her desire to help people with her passion for art. She received her under graduate degree in Art and Communication along with her masters in Counseling from MSU and continued her education with work in the Masters of Art and Theory program at Drury University.

She strongly believes in the therapeutic power of creating and experiencing art.  “Everyone can creatively express themselves in some way,” she explains. “It gives those who find it difficult or impossible to acknowledge feelings or verbalize feelings in words, an opportunity for self-expression.”
The mental health field recognizes the importance and benefits of expressive art in the therapeutic setting for both children and adults.  It is used to help recognize and process feelings related to loss, grief, trauma disorders, abuse, neglect, PTSD, geriatric issues, terminal illness as well as other personality disorders.  Lori also uses the expressive arts during the therapeutic process while working with children on the autism spectrum. Lori is now an AutPlay level II certified specialist.  She uses AutPlay as well as expressive arts when working with clients on the autism spectrum.

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